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Tip #22 (Week of May 12, 2017)

Now that you have downloaded all those files from Schoolloop so they don’t go away forever, NOW WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THEM? You can’t keep them on your desktop Putting them on your department’s server will And let’s face it, you don’t have ANY room on the dinky server that the district gives us You can put it all on your Google Drive! Google Drive has unlimited storage for teachers and can be accessed anywhere! Check out this video to find out how to save your precious files forever!   Click to view video --> https://goo.gl/fk5M87

Tip #21 (Week of May 5, 2017)

We are piloting a cool new digital tool called Listenwise.  Listenwise takes short snippets of audio (2-7 minutes) and builds lessons around the topics discussed.


Students complete an activity, a graphic organizer, or a quiz as they listen to the audio content.  Many lessons include other websites, articles, or videos that explain the topic in greater detail that you can include for students that want more information. There are also supports that can be used for ELL students and low level readers to aid in comprehension.


We have set up a class with lessons that you can try for yourself.  Go to listenwise.com and set up a student account.  Enter the phrase wandering-dolphin-4838 as the class code.  If you are having problems getting into Listenwise check out this slides presentation.


Lessons available for you to try

  • A Ring from 'The Hobbit'
  • Elie Wiesel's 'Night'
  • Artificial Photosynthesis Produces Fuel
  • Fish Fossil Gives Clues to Evolution
  • British Loyalists After the Revolutionary War
  • Social Media and the Creation of the Lutheran Church
  • Border States in the Civil War
  • Black Women Math Heroes at NASA

Tip #20 (Week of April 28, 2017)

Can't go to GAFE Summit?  Consider checking out these on-line training that you can watch from the comfort of your home.  These webinars are free and can help you learn a variety of technology related skills.  You can also follow GAFE on Twitter to keep up with the latest technology trends (see link below).  Lots of options for you to explore to keep learning about technology :-)


-> https://edutrainingcenter.withgoogle.com/

-> https://youtu.be/J2Js5OHYM8A?list=PLfdPnYIUAlXBKiF6_0nang1Sz-YsiNHbv

--> https://www.edtechteam.com/online/ (These webinars do cost)


Follow some of the GAFE Ed Tech Team and keep updated on the latest Tech Trends

-> https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Edtechteam 

Tip #19 (Week of April 21, 2017)

This week’s tech tip has to do with the technology refresh that happened over Spring Break.  If you are like me, this week you spent a good bit of time wondering, “How can I  ______?  I used to know how to do it, but I can’t figure it out with this new computer.”


 Have no fear, we have one useful solution to the problem of how to play a DVD from your computer and show it through your projector. 

Check out this slideshow (click the link) for more info. -> https://goo.gl/Rm1KIx


Tip #18 (Week of March 31, 2017)

What website will give you access to 4,500 NEWS resources in 28 different languages?  Yes, it’s the Google News website.  You can access it by going to http://news.google.com .   You can search news specific to Elk Grove, California, or even by country.  Want to flash back in history by reading the news?  Then you should visit the Google News archive?   You simply go to http://news.google.com/newspapers  and you can search and read newspapers published during the 1930s– 40s during World War II or any other historical time period when newspapers were published.  Watch this 1 min video that shows how you can access the Google News archive. 


Click to link to 1 minute video on how to use Google News Archive --> https://youtu.be/AtZf6H4rjhw

Tip #18 (Week of March 24, 2017)

Do you require students to provide statistical evidence in their lab reports, research assignments, or for their math project?  Once again, Google to the rescue!  Go to the Google Public Data page and type in a topic. Keep your searches simple, like "Unemployment in the U.S." Google will return results from sources like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. You'll end up with an easy-to-read graph, and you can even tweak it with options like gender, age.  The potential uses are endless!TTake a quick look at the wide range of data that are available to students right from Google.  and state.

 Click to access Google Public Data--> https://www.google.com/publicdata/directory

Tip #17 (Week of March 17, 2017)

This week’s tech tip involves google voice!  A powerful new tool that lets you connect with your students in many different ways.  You can receive texts and voicemail messages from your students on a completely anonymous number that is not linked to your private cell phone.


To get a google voice number you must first have a private Gmail address.  Sadly, your egusd.net google sign in blocks google voice so you must use your own account.

  • Sign into your personal Gmail account
  • Go to https://voice.google.com/ (or click on the waffle in the upper right corner of your chrome browser and find the VOICE icon.
  • Follow the prompts to set up your number.

You can experiment with your settings to link voice to an app on your phone, an email address, or to make your new number ring on whatever device you like,  the choice is yours.

Tip #16 (Week of March 10, 2017)

Here’s another AWESOME free Google tool you can use without having to ADD anything to your computer or browser?

Have you ever needed a Timer or Stopwatch? - From Google's search box you simply type in the word “Countdown Timer – Number of Seconds/Minutes”  (Example - Countdown Timer 2 minutes) and up pops your online timer.  You can make it full-screen and turn the sound on or off.  

Watch this 35 sec video to see how easy it is to use Google’s Countdown Timer -->   https://youtu.be/AQusbBg-1xs

Tip #15 (Week of March 3, 2017)

Did you know that Google has some AWESOME free tools you can use without having to ADD anything to your computer or browser?

Have you ever needed a Random Number Generator?  From Google's search box you simply type in the word “Random Number Generator” and set the lowest and highest number you need and then you simply click the blue button on the screen to start the Random Number Generator.  It works great when you need to call on students who have assigned numbers in class to answer questions. 

Watch this 33 sec video to see how easy it is to use Google’s Random Number Generator -->


Tip #14 (Week of Feb. 24, 2017)
Have you ever wanted to share a just a portion of what is on your computer screen with someone, but didn’t know how?  Try the handy dandy snipping tool!  It is a useful Windows feature that allows for quick and easy sharing of images on your computer screen!  With just a couple of clicks of the mouse you can easily crop the portion of the screen that you are interested in sharing, and save it as an image to email or embed as you so choose.  Quick, easy, and oh so helpful!!!
Watch this short video to learn how to use the snipping tool! https://youtu.be/_qcFOoNR9vI

Tip #13 (Week of Feb. 17, 2017)

After experiencing Nearpod in action at our staff meeting you may want to give it a try for yourself.  Teachers can request a 30 day free trial offer (request access to become a Gold User).  Here are a few helpful videos to show you how to use Nearpod with your existing PowerPoint presentations and/or create new presentations.  The KAMS Tech Coaches are available if you have any questions or need any assistance. 


How to add your existing PPT into Nearpod & add interactive activities (2 mins) - https://youtu.be/uF9LKcATlAw

Nearpod & Google Classroom Integration (1 min)  - https://youtu.be/xkO3QhbTvgw

Nearpod & On the Fly Feature ( 1 min) - https://youtu.be/Nwuo7wOJ0M4

Nearpod How To Tutorial ( 16 mins  ) - https://youtu.be/d1jPS4koKiA

Tip #12 (Week of Feb. 10, 2017)

Nearpod is an exciting new program that combines many of our favorite digital tools (PowerPoints, goformative, YouTube, Edpuzzle) all in one place.   Nearpod allows teachers to project presentations directly onto a student’s computers or phone.  Teachers can add content like slides, video content, PDF files, and audio with an easy to use interface.  What makes this different from a typical PowerPoint presentation is that teachers can add activities to the presentation which allow students to directly respond to the curriculum in real time.  Teachers can embed questions, formative assessments, polls, and even make the students draw a picture or a graph with this easy tool.  


We will demonstrate Nearpod at the staff meeting on Wednesday, check out this video for a more detailed explanation. --> https://youtu.be/k8KvIFXEgCM

Tip #11 (Week of Feb. 3, 2017)

Are you tired of always having to log into your Google Drive to create a new Google Doc, Slide, or Sheet?  There's a Google Extension that will make your life so much easier in just one click.   "Google Docs Quick Create Extension"  will add a quick launch icon to your Chrome browser bar.  After installing this extension you can simply click on the extension to launch any Google application right from your Chrome web browser bar.  Watch this quick 49 sec video and it will show you how to add this great extension and use it on your computer. Click to view --> https://youtu.be/_OB2aTuqwTM

Tip #10 (Week of Jan. 27, 2017)

Have you ever wanted to print out ALL your students' Google Docs assignments but don’t like the amount of work it takes to OPEN and PRINT each file separately? There's an easier way, which works great if you have students submit their work on Google Classroom. The Google App available to help you is called PDF Mergy.  PDF Mergy will take your multiple Google Docs and combine them into ONE (1) PDF file that you can print out easily.  Click and watch the following tutorials which explain how to install and use this helpful tool.  --https://youtu.be/Ate3anB_GJc       --> https://youtu.be/O6kWE01nziw

Tip #9 (Week of Jan. 20, 2017)

Here are a few quick videos to help you learn more about how to use Go Formative.  (This could be your New Year’s Tech Goal for the year!)

1 minute intro to Go Formative   -->https://youtu.be/1Cu8F6gMshg 
3 minute video on how to use Go Formative   -->https://youtu.be/keB7CkAgT5E
15 minute video on how to make a boring worksheet interactive on Go Formative   -->https://youtu.be/W0b7CjZR0BM

Tip #8 (Week of Jan. 13, 2017)

Have you started thinking about your “New Year’s Technology Goal” yet?  To get you thinking the Tech Coaches will be introducing another technology assessment tool at next Wednesday’s faculty meeting.  To give you a sneak peek, take a look at this 1 minute video that explains what Go Formative is. We will hand out treats for staff members who can answer some general questions to.what is Go Formative? .what can it do?  Click to view the short 1 minute video on Go Formative -->  https://youtu.be/1Cu8F6gMshg   

Tip #7 (Week of Jan. 6, 2017)

Here is one New Year’s Resolution that you can keep…..pledge to incorporate a fun and engaging digital tool in your world class instruction!  The KAMS Technology Coaches are here to help you achieve your goal!*


*KAMS Technology Coaches cannot help with your New Year’s Resolutions in regards to chocolate
consumption, weight loss, or exercise. On the bright side, we are much nicer than your average fitness or diet coach.

For example:

·         We can help you create your first Quizziz or Kahoot to use with your students.

·         We can guide you to create your own Google Classroom page and assign work to your students.

·         We can walk you through steps to create your very first quiz using Google forms.

·         You can come observe in one of our classes to see how we use any technology tool (we can provide a sub for you)


The first step is to make your 2017 Technology Goal is to submit your goal by next Friday, January 20th, 2017.   


Click on this link to submit your New Year’s Technology goal  → https://goo.gl/B0KD24

Tip #6 (Week of Dec. 16, 2016)

Last week we shared a Chrome extension called Google Notes in our weekly Tech Tips. What are Chrome Extensions?  They are “applications that run within your Chrome browser to provide additional functionality to use with your computer.  The right extensions can turn your Chrome browser into a super powerful teacher tool belt.  We will be sharing more Chrome extensions in the weeks to come.  Here is a great article that gives you an overview of some of the great Chrome extensions for teachers. (We will be highlighting a few in the coming weeks.)  Click to view article --> http://www.teachthought.com/the-future-of-learning/technology/50-of-the-best-google-chrome-extensions-for-teachers/   

Tip #5 (Week of Dec. 9, 2016)

Have you heard or used Goo.gl or Bit.ly?  These are two great ways to shorten a very loooong URL into a shorten version you can share with your students, other teachers, etc.  Want to know an even quicker way to shorten your URL?  Add the Goo.gl extension to your Chrome browser.  No need to open another website to shorten your loooong URLs, you can do it in one click using Goo.gl extension.  To see how to add the Goo.gl extension to your Chrome browser watch Linda explain it in this quick video. Click to view--> https://youtu.be/s51tLUKKW6Y 

Tip #4 (Week of Dec. 2, 2016)

Have you ever wanted to jot down a quick note when working on your computer without having to open up Google Docs or WORD?  Well, now you can by adding an easy Chrome Extension called Google Drive Notes.  You can be searching the web, writing students comments, etc. and you can easily open up a notes page right from your Chrome browser.  If you decide you want to save those notes you can still save it easily to your Google Drive in one click.  To see how to add the Google Drive Notes extension to your Chrome browser watch Linda explain it in this quick video. Click to view-->  https://youtu.be/8xm_SqS2Pw0

Tip #3 (Week of Nov. 18, 2016)

After seeing and playing a live Quizziz game at Wednesday’s faculty meeting you should be SO excited and READY to create your very own Quizziz games to use with your students.   If you don’t know where to start, here are two visual resources that will walk you through how to setup your own Quizziz account and how to create your own Quizziz games  -->  http://www.tildee.com/Zi7vL or https://www.smore.com/9yex2-quizizz    Don’t hesitate to email us if you need any additional help to get you going.  

Tip #2 (Week of Nov. 10, 2016)

The KAMS Technology Coaching Team has been busy visiting departments this week to spread the news about what we have to offer. One newly created technology resource created by our KAMS Technology Coaches is our KAMS Symbaloo page.  You can find the KAMS Symbaloo page right on the KAMS Homepage under Quicklinks à KAMS Technology Support link.  It is essentially a one-stop-shop for all of your technology needs.  Need to take attendance?  There is a SISWEB button on the Symbaloo.  Is your projector not working?  There is a heat ticket button on the Symbaloo as well.  Need to get a sub for tomorrow?  You guessed it, there is a button for that too!  Because it has so much to offer, you might want to make the Symbaloo your homepage for your work computer.  If you are not quite sure how to change your homepage, click the following link to listen to Graham explain it all! Click to view -->  https://youtu.be/gD8JRgOj9WA

Tip #1 (Week of Nov. 4, 2016)

The KAMS Technology Team (Amy DuShane, Linda Kennedy and Graham Stewart) are excited to start helping the teaching staff integrate technology in the classroom.  Want to try something new to increase student engagement or just make your job a little easier?  Email one of us at any time and we will get you the support you need as soon as possible.  If you aren’t yet sure what you want to try, check out our weekly tips here in the Falcon Flash. This week's tip....did you know that you can convert any Google Doc to another language?  Translate your parent letters, student assignments, etc. in one click to 42 different languages including Spanish, Russian, and even Chinese.  Click on the video link to hear Graham explain how to easily use this helpful tool!  Click to view --> https://youtu.be/TH_HLc5rqtA




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