• Future Farmers of America (FFA) was founded in 1928 at the Baltimore Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, by 33 farmboys with a vision for agricultural education.
  • In 1988, the name, Future Farmers of America, was changed to the National FFA Organization to reflect the changing field of Agriculture Education.
  • In the United States (2007), there were 7,358 FFA chapters with over 500,823 FFA members.
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About FFA

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

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The agricultural education program is built on the three core areas:

Classroom/Laboratory Instruction – quality instruction in and about agriculture that utilizes a “learning by doing” philosophy.

Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs – all students are expected to have an agriculturally related work-based learning experience while enrolled in agricultural education courses.

FFA Student Organization Activities/Opportunities – FFA activities are an integral part of the agricultural education program that all agricultural education students should participate in if they are to fully benefit from their enrollment in the program.



FFA Emblem

The cross section of the ear of corn provides the foundation of the emblem, just as corn has historically served as the foundation crop of American agriculture. It is also a symbol of unity, as corn is grown in every state of the nation.

The rising sun signifies progress and holds a promise that tomorrow will bring a new day glowing with opportunity.

The plow signifies labor and tillage of the soil, the backbone of agriculture and the historic foundation of our country's strength.

The eagle is a national symbol which serves as a reminder of our freedom and ability to explore new horizons for the future of agriculture.

The owl, long recognized for its wisdom, symbolizes the knowledge required to be successful in the industry of agriculture.

The words Agricultural Education and FFA are emblazoned in the center to signify the combination of learning and leadership necessary for progressive agriculture.


Would you like to see other parts of the world, visit a different state or just see a different part of your state? FFA can take you there. When you participate in FFA activities, you will travel to other towns and states for conference tours and competitions. We travel to district and state activities, national meetings and conventions. FFA global programs give you the opportunity to explore global agriculture, develop a worldly perspective and become more culturally aware of the diversity in agriculture around the world.

Earn Money
Once your supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program is in place, you can earn money while you learn about agriculture. Take the time to design an SAE that is right for you. Ask your agriculture teacher to help you decide on your SAE. The possibilities are nearly endless! In 2005, the total SAE earnings for FFA members in the United States exceeded $90 million! That is a lot of cash to save for college or to invest in your future!

Be Part of the Team/Family
A successful FFA chapter is all about teamwork. Your FFA experiences as both a team member and a team leader will pay off throughout your lifetime. FFA has over 100 individual and team events and competitions. Find what you enjoy and join in! 

Serve the Community
Make a positive difference in your community. FFA members make their schools and towns better places to live because they care. You can make a positive difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors when you join FFA.

What does success mean to you? Are you planning for an exciting career? Are you hoping to save thousands of dollars? FFA can help you make it happen and can provide you with the steps you need to take to do so. There are more than 300 careers in agriculture, and all you have to do is explore to find the one that is right for you. Your teacher is a great resource to help guide you on your way! When you join FFA, you will have the chance to look at yourself in many ways, and success will be yours if you plan and work hard.

Have Fun!
If you like to have fun, it is going to happen in FFA: barbeques, field trips, dances and state and national events are all options. So take the chance to try something new. Meet new friends and go places you have never been before. It’s fun and exciting, and you will be amazed with all you learn along the way.



Learning To Do
Doing To Learn
Earning To Live
Living To Serve

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