AG Student Academic Plan


The PGHS Agriculture Student Academic Plan below satisfies several EGUSD graduation requirements and UC/CSU admission requirements.  If you need assistance in planning, please contact the Agriculture Department.



9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Math Math Math Math
English 9 English 10 English 11 English 12
APPLIED GENERAL SCIENCE (or Agricultural Biology for Honors track) AGRICULTURAL BIOLOGY (or Advanced Agriculture Course for Honors track) ADVANCED AGRICULTURE COURSE ECONOMICS IN AGRICULTURE
World Language World Language Elective or World Language Elective or World Language
Health/World Geography World History U.S. History American Government/Elective
Physical Education Physical Education Elective Elective

Advanced Agriculture Courses
Animal Anatomy & Physiology
Floral Design
AG Leadership



This course will include earth science, chemistry, forces, work, energy, waves, alternative energy sources, and nuclear energy as it pertains to agriculture. Students are expected to function in both lab and lecture situations and to work on basic equations. Students will be exposed to the FFA, supervised occupational experience programs, and careers. Homework consisting of reading, writing, lab reports, etc. will be assigned. This course is part of a series of courses to prepare the student for college level entry into the various disciplines of agriculture science. 

UC/CSU/Graduation Requirements
Meets UC and CSU elective requirements. 
Meets the General Science graduation requirement.



This course is a one-year laboratory science course designed for the college-bound student with career interests within the following areas: the molecular and cellular aspects of life, the chemical and structural basis of the life, energetics of life, growth and reproduction in plants and animals, evolution of modern plants and domestic livestock species, plant and animal genetics, taxonomy of plants, animals, humans, and the environment, nutrition in animals, health and diseases in animals, and the similarities between animals and humans. This course includes extensive laboratory components to connect the concepts of life science with applied science applications. General Science principles and other curricular areas, including written and oral reporting skills. Students will be exposed to the FFA, supervised occupational experience programs, and careers. 

UC/CSU/Graduation Requirements
Meets life science graduation requirement. 
Meets UC and CSU laboratory science requirements.



This course provides information, activities, and skills in the areas of scientific method, classification systems, mammalian production, production management, health care, anatomy, physiology, reproduction, nutrition, mitosis, meiosis, respiration and genetics. Emphasis is placed on mammals that are most important to human culture, as we know it. Students will be exposed to the FFA, supervised occupational experience programs, and careers. Homework varies by unit, but averages about one assignment per week. Tests will be given regularly and students will be expected to participate in assignments, class discussion, and other structured events. Students will be expected to complete individual projects and long-term assignments. 

UC/CSU/Graduation Requirements
Partially fulfills the UC and CSU lab science requirement.
Meets the Life Science graduation requirement and/or the district third-year science requirement.



This course provides students with theories and principles related to floral design and artistic design.  Students will acquire practical skills and knowledge in the history, theory, and application of artistic styles and practices used in floral design.  They will become familiar with material selection, design, mechanics, maintenance and design evaluation.  May be repeated for credit with instructor approval.

UC/CSU Graduation Requirements
Meets the Visual and Performing Arts graduation requirement.
Meets UC/CSU Visual  Performing Arts requirement.



This course is designed as a one-semester class that may be repeated for credit for juniors and seniors in the Agriculture program. This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn the ways in which they can become successful leaders in their school and community.  The class will cover leadership topics including parliamentary procedure, public speaking, ethics and agricultural skills. Students will be instructed in the various methods and techniques for planning, implementing, and evaluating experiences related to activities and projects within our school and community.  This class will be responsible for activities to include, but not limited to: on-campus FFA activities, National FFA Week activities, community service projects and presentations regarding agricultural education. Topics include parliamentary procedure, public speaking, group dynamics and creative visuals.



This agri-business course is designed to introduce the student to the basic principles of all economic systems with special emphasis on the areas of individual student decision making and world economy as they relate to agriculture. Other topics to be covered will a) free enterprise business types; b) government and law in the economy; c) credit and; d) taxes. Students will be expected to carry on some type of ownership or non-ownership experience program dealing with agriculture or a related field. This course is designed as part of a series of courses to prepare the student for college level entry into the various disciplines of agricultural science. Students will be exposed to the F.F.A., supervised occupational experience programs, and careers in Agricultural Business. 

UC/CSU/Graduation Requirements
Meets Economic graduation requirement. 
Meets UC/CSU elective requirement.

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