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Library Hours, Policies, & Rules


Regular Library Hours - 7:30 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. on regular school days. The library is open during both student lunches, except when special events are scheduled in the library. Seating is limited: therefore the library is intended for serious students who are seeking a quiet place to study, do research and computer work.
Late Start Thursdays - The library will be open before school for student use from 8:00 a.m. to the warning bell for the start of school. 
Minimum Days - When school is dismissed early the library will be closed to students 20 minutes after school dismissal time.


Computer Use Policy:  
Computers are for school-related work and School Loop access only. See the Pleasant Grove High School and Katherine Albiani Middle School Student Handbooks for the Elk Grove Unified School District's Acceptable Use Policy for computers.
  • Students must have a School ID or other Photo ID to use a computer at the library.
    (Student may also get a note from a teacher if no school ID or photo ID is available)
  • Students must check-in at the computer desk to be assigned to use a computer at the library.
  • Students may print-out their computer work at the library.
Library Book Lending Policy:
  • Up to 3 library books can be checked out for three weeks; most books can be renewed.
  • Photo ID cards are required to check out books at the library.
  • Students with overdue books or fines may NOT continue to check out books. Payment plans are available for lost items and fines.
  • No fines are charged for overdue days, as long as the book is returned to the library.



Student Behavior Expectations:
  • Be actively involved in QUIET STUDY (computers, homework, or reading).
  • Electronic devices (phones, Ipods) are allowed for school related activities ONLY.
  • A picture ID card is required to use the computer and check-out books.
  • Leave food and beverages in your backpacks.
  • Only four students to a table.
  • Use "soft" voices in the library at all times.
  • No hoods on while in the library.
4 B's Rules