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Teacher Resources


Achieve the Core - This website is full of free content designed to help educators understand and implement the Common Core State Standards. It includes practical tools designed to help students and teachers see their hard work deliver results.  This developed by a non-profit organization working to support teachers to implement the Common Core Standards.
ASCD Common Core Webinars - Sponsored by ASCD.  You can access any of their webinars on Common Core topics.  Watch archived webinars or sign up for upcoming webinars.  Stay informed about Common Core!
CA Dept of Educ Common Core - What are the Common Core Standards?  Need a word for word handout of the standards?  Find them here at the CA Dept of Educ website.
Common Core Standards - Has a great overview of the goals of the Common Core Standards. Has nice handouts that summarize the key points in the new Common Core Standards.
Common Core Web Resources - This page lists up to 50 web resources to help teachers understand, get ideas, etc. about Common Core.  Put together by Teach Thought.
Edutopia Common Core Resources - This is a nice article put together by Edutopia.  It provides links to other resources available to teachers in support of Common Core lessons.
EGUSD Common Core Blog - This is our own EGUSD's Edu Blog all about Common Core Standards.  Stay informed and join the blog to receive updates happenings in our district.
EGUSD Common Core Rubrics Website - This is EGUSD's own Common Core Rubrics Assessment website.  These are aligned writing rubrics as a resource to assist teachers with this work. These rubrics are intended to help in instructional planning and to provide guidance in assisting students with the writing process.
ELA Common Core Resources - Tons of links to resources to help ELA teachers integrate and teach using Common Core Standards.  
OpenEd - World's largest K-12 Common Core Resource Library.  Over a million lesson plans, assessments, question, videos, and games related to Math and Language Arts.
Read the Standards - Great website that present plain and simple what the Common Core Standards in easy to understand points.
Smarter Balance Website - This is the state led assessments that are connected to Common Core Standards.You can view practice and pilot tests on this website.
Smarter Balance Field Test Question & Answers - This is info from the CDE that answers some questions about the field test implementation for this Spring 2014.


EGUSD Library Wiki - EGUSD Librarian's Resources
Keyboard Shortcuts - List of keyboard shortcuts
LOC - Library of Congress Database
OCLC Classify - Dewey Browser
WorldCat - WorldCat Catalog




Assessment and Rubrics - Tons of links to sample rubrics.  Common Core rubrics, Writing rubrics, plus more!
Big Huge Labs - Do COOL stuff with photos of your students, class, etc.  These make great posters or rewards for motivation for your students.
BookBub - Great place to find eBooks tailored to your reading interests.  You get notified when a book in your reading genre becomes available.
Digital Citizenship Resources - Sponsored by EGUSD, this site has great info about Digital Citizenship for students.
Educators’ Copyright & Common Sense Media Use - Great article with links to videos and other resources about Copyright Laws and Common Sense media as it relates to education. 
EGUSD K-12 Adopted Textbooks - References all the adopted textbooks for EGUSD.
EGUSD on YouTube - This is EGUSD's site on YouTube.  Stay informed about what's happening in the district.
Free Technology Tools for Teachers - TONS of weblinks to Technology Tools for teachers!
Live Binder Technology Tools for Teachers - More TONS of weblinks to Technology Tools for teachers.
Practical Ed Tech - Technology webinar trainings for teachers with Richard Bryne.  Most webinars focus on Google Drive and Apps.
Raft - Get low cost items for your classroom. Tons of surplus furniture, supplies, etc.
Virtual Field Trips - This article list some great virtual field trips that you can visit right on-line.  Links provided to museums and other virtual locations.


In Person
ASCD Professional Development - ASCD offers a variety of webinars and  on-line trainings that you can explore. 
EGUSD Digital Citizenship Workshops - Listing of workshops available through EGUSD's Technology Services Department.  Check frequently to see what classes are being offered.
Placer County Office of Ed - Listing of available training opportunities through Placer County Office of Ed.  Check frequently to see what classes are being offered.
U.C. Davis C-Stem Center - They offer some workshops in the Sacramento area related to Math, Science, and Technology.
ASCD Professional Development - ASCD offers a variety of conferences, institutes, and on-line trainings that you can explore. 
Common Core Trainings - This is a private educational company that offers on-line training on a variety of Common Core topics.  Offers a free 30-day trial.
Discovery School Online Webinars - Discovery School offers a variety Science and STEM topics.  You can even view any of their many archived webinars on their website.
Ed Tech Webinars - If you are looking for technology related webinars this is a great site to check-out.  Check their website frequently to see a listing of upcoming webinars.
Ed Web Webinars - is a highly-acclaimed professional social and learning network that has become a vibrant online community for exceptional educators, decision-makers, and influencers who are on the leading edge of innovation in education.  Check their on-line calendar for a listing of upcoming webinars. - Tons of online video tutorials that let you learn at your own pace and on your own time.  Topics range from learning how to use WORD to using Google Education.
Scholastic's On-Demand Webinars - Scholastic has partnered with University of Phoenix and other organizations to bring you a variety of educational topics that address issues in Education today. 
Scientific Learning Webinars - This site offers lots of webinars related to learning, learning styles, and the brain.   It has a video library and classroom resources available for teacher use as well.
TEQ Technology Webinars - Offers a variety of video webinars from topics such as using Prezi, Digital Citizenship.
Web 2.0 Tools Exploration- Want to learn how to use new Web 2.0 tools?  This is a list of everything Web 2.0 to explore.  Endless list for you to browse and learn as much as you can.


Autism Healing Threshholds - General overview article about Austim.  Provides links to related articles to learn more about Autism.
EGUSD Common Core - This is a link to EGUSD SPED Blog site that focuses on Common Core Standards and as it related to SPED.
EGUSD SPED Blog - Our own EGUSD SPED Blog.  Created to inform the community and our staff about SPED at EGUSD.
Free Math Worksheets - Math worksheet generator website.  Easily create and print worksheets with answer keys on a variety of math topics.
Games to Support Special Learners - A nice overview article about different types of games you can use with special learners. Links to other games resources to support special learners.
Intervention Central - This website provides help for teachers with struggling learners and provide academic and behavioral intervention ideas and strategies.
Money Instructor - Provides articles and lessons to help teach your students all about money, personal finance, and other real life skills.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Great website that provides a variety of virtual math manipulatives to help teach math skills to your students.


ARKive: Find incredible images and videos of the world’s species, including endangered species. These wildlife films and photos are from some of the world’s best filmmakers and photographers, with stunning images.
Backpack TV:  Brings together some tremendous resources from a variety of organizations: Khan Academy, Bozeman Science, Just Math Tutorials, Yay Math, TED-ed, 60second Recap (quick summaries of novels!) and much more.
C-SPAN Video Library: Provides Congressional and other political programs and clips in this digital archive from C-SPAN. Watch full episodes, clips, and videos from the History channel.
History Matters: This is from George Mason University. Sharing primary documents, images, audio, and more, there’s plenty of historic multimedia on this site.
MathTV: This site offers videos explaining everything from basic mathematics all the way to trigonometry and calculus.
National Archives: Explore US history in this YouTube channel from the US National Archives.
National Geographic: Find some of the world’s most amazing videos of natural life on National Geographic’s online video home.
National Science Foundation: From the National Science Foundation; includes instructional and educational videos.
NASA eClips: Offers a great way for students and educators to learn about space exploration, with clips divided by grade level.
NBC Learn: Provides excellent resources for learning from NBC, including the science behind just about everything.
NOVA Teachers: Provides highly organized videos for teachers, with 1-3 hour programs divided into chapters, plus short 5-15 minute segments from NOVA ScienceNOW.
PBS Learning Media - PBS LearningMedia™ is your destination for direct access to thousands of classroom-ready, curriculum-targeted digital resources.  Best part is it's all FREE!
Science Stage: Find science videos, tutorials, courses, and “streaming knowledge”.
Stossel in the Classroom:  John Stossel's programs are now available on DVD. His segments bring to light some current issues and topics for students and adults.  Access his segments through live video streaming or order his free DVD.
TeacherTubeAll the resources you need to know about math, art, educational videos, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more.
Teaching Channel:  Provides an impressive collection of videos in Language Arts, Math, Science, History and the Arts.  Search by subject or grade level. Videos are produced by a collaborative effort between video production experts, education advisors, and classroom teachers. Common core standards are aligned.
Tech Ed - Great site that have teacher created videos on a variety of topics. Each video comes with comprehension questions related to the videos. Videos range in length from a few minutes to 20 minutes approx.
View Pure - Want to download just the video from Youtube without any ads or other videos on your page.
WatchKnowLearn: Offers free videos in every subject area, many produced by universities and other professionals.  Includes core subjects and world language, arts, technology and life skills.