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Academic Code of Conduct

Academic Code of Conduct
The staff of Pleasant Grove High School expects the highest standards of honesty and integrity from all students and promotes the ideals of education, responsibility, and self-discipline. To protect all students’ right to a fair and meaningful evaluation of their work, the ACADEMIC CODE OF CONDUCT has been adopted. Students violating any of the Academic Codes of Conduct shall receive a zero for that assignment/test/project and based on the seriousness of the offense may be issued additional disciplinary consequences, EVEN IT IS THE FIRST OFFENSE, including, but not limited to, Saturday School, home suspension, and a loss of privilege to receive academic awards and honors. Such academic awards include, but are not limited to: Renaissance, CSF, Academic Awards, Valedictorian, and Senior Outstanding Scholar Recognition.

Academic Dishonesty
A student violates the Academic Code of Conduct when he or she: 
  • Exhibits any behavior that in the judgment of the teacher indicates dishonesty on an assignment, examination or quiz.
  • Copies an assignment from another student AND the student who allowed the assignment to be copied.
  • Is found in possession of unauthorized “cheat sheets” (paper or electronic), answer keys or other evidence of premeditation of cheating (whether or not the item(s) were actually used by the student).
  • Is caught taking, without permission, another student’s written assignment or project. In addition to the consequences described above, the student will be disciplined under the provisions for theft in the student discipline policy (EC46900g).
  • Plagiarizes someone else’s work, or copies information from an encyclopedia, an Internet source, a magazine, a newspaper, Cliff Notes, or any other published source, etc., and presents these materials as if they are the student’s own ideas. 
  • Falsifies school records or is apprehended for taking, without permission, school records.  For this violation of the Academic Code of Conduct, the student may be immediately dismissed from that course with loss of credit and a grade of ”F” for the semester in which the infraction took place and may be suspended for attempting to alter state documents. A student NOT enrolled in a course may also be suspended for attempting to alter state documents.